About Us

.                    Jessica Duncan Singing Bowl Granola

Heather Pace and Jessica Duncan met in 2015 when they were both starting their respective businesses and their booths were side by side at a farmers market. Heather started renting the Singing Bowl Granola kitchen to produce her desserts and worked for Jessica occasionally, making granola. Their friendship grew. In 2020 Heather approached Jessica with the grand idea for them to collaborate on some healthy chocolate products that would use Jessica’s vegan NO GRAIN granola. The adventure began! Sweetly Raw and Singing Bowl Granola products were shipped across Canada and sold in stores in Victoria. With great success and being sold in over 21 stores in less than 8 months, they decided to rebrand under one new name. Treat Yourself Treats was born in order to expand the product line, with more healthy treats and merchandise all in the name of encouraging people to enjoy life and indulge in a daily treat!

Heather Pace is a classically trained chef specializing in plant-based cuisine. She’s the author of Sweetly Raw Desserts cookbook, has written 10 recipe e-books, and is the blogger behind Sweetly Raw. Driven by her sweet tooth, her motto is "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too." Heather loves to teach people how to make healthy guilt free desserts that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. She’s taught food classes around the world, has been featured in magazines and on TV shows across Canada, and has worked in all areas of the food industry. With yoga as her other passion, Heather is a certified yoga instructor too. You can find her free yoga classes, recipes, and health videos on her YouTube channel and connect with her daily on her Instagram page @sweetlyraw

Jessica Duncan - "Anyone who knows me, knows that it’s been my lifelong ambition to nourish my community. From running my own baking stall at our community theatre when I was 11 years old, working in the health food industry, hosting dinner parties, running an organic market garden with my husband, and starting & growing Singing Bowl Granola, feeding others has been the constant theme in my life. Good food is my love language, the way I share joy and care with others. Of course, organic, fair-trade chocolate was the obvious next step in my journey to spread happiness through food. I am absolutely thrilled to have joined forces with my amazing business partner Heather to create Treat Yourself Treats."