Caramel Crunchers 6-pack

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Maple coconut caramel mixed with crunchy paleo NO GRAIN granola, covered in dark chocolate. 6 rounds per box.

Vegan & grain free.

In keeping with our commitment to support our community, 12% of the profits from the sales of these Healthy Vegan Treats will be donated to local women's organizations.


70% Fair Trade Dark Chocolate* (Unsweetened chocolate, Cane sugar, Cocoa butter) , No Grain Granola (Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds*, Coconut Oil*, Maple Syrup, Pecans, Shredded Coconut*, Cashews*, Flax Seeds*, Sesame Seeds*, Hemp Seeds*, Chia Seeds *), Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil*, Almond Butter, Coconut Butter *          ( * - Organic)


These products are made to order and are good for up to 14 weeks.
Keep refrigerated.